Screenshot IbO innovation management tool

    Innovation doesn’t finish after contributing ideas. IbO provides you with features for a complete management of innovation, from inception of ideas up to their putting into operation.



    IbO allows you to avoid the work that doesn’t add value to innovation. Forget about tedious data entry, managing heaps of spreadsheets and drawing up progress reports. IbO does the hard work for you.



    IbO keeps innovation focused on achieving goals and results. Its workflow is simple and result-oriented: Set goals ➔ Multiply ideas ➔ Manage them until putting into operation ➔ Get quantified results.



    Obviously economically affordable, since it’s free and you don’t need to incur hardware costs (on the cloud). Also operatively, thanks to its quick learning curve and the support of a collection of video tutorials.



    Involve as many people as you wish in your company’s innovation: your customers, all your suppliers and distributors, the entire staff of the company, and so on. You decide.



    Keep an eye on innovation and its outcomes with the contextual monitors that you can access just when you need them, depending on what you are doing at IbO and your profile. Always updated in real-time!



    You can set the maximum time you want the ideas to spend in each development stage. IbO follows up on every idea and shows you any deviation of your targets (in real time).



    Every user has two languages to choose from: English and Spanish. Besides, you have 14 skins available and can place your own logo in IbO. The result is a tool adapted to your corporate image and needs.


    Innovation Scorecard provides an updated overall view of three pillars of innovation: results, innovation process and human factor. A useful tool for senior managers in decision making.



    Wouldn’t it be great to be able to track the innovative performance of each participant person? IbO lets you know in detail the level of individual performance, commitment and results of each participant in innovation.



    Make sure from the start that the ideas will drive you where your organization wants to go. Set innovation targets to get more focused ideas and results, and a greater commitment to innovation.



    Customize key parameters for a more effective innovation, such as setting several screening checklists to be used with different types of ideas, changing the name and purpose of the stages, etc.

Get IbO pro, FOR FREE !




Get IbO pro, FOR FREE !


  • IbO innovation management tool

    More info about IbO, innovation software

    IbO provides you with the features you need for an entire management of ideas and innovations. All in a FREE innovation software. From inception of ideas up to their putting into operation, while keeps innovation focused on goals and results. The workflow is very simple: Set goals ➔ Provide ways to seek and contribute ideas ➔ Manage ideas until putting into operation ➔ Get quantified results
  • Business case of IbO-based innovation

    Check a demo of IbO innovation tool

    Come into the innovation tool, adopt the role of a CIO at a demonstration company, and check how your innovation can look like when managed through IbO. When you finish, remember that the operational version of IbO is FREE. Is not great?
  • interactive-story-innovation

    After Creativity – An interactive story on innovation

    Play with this interactive story and learn two critical keys on ideas management Have you ever experienced what happens after an explosion of creativity in an organization? You’ve gathered a nice heap of ideas and this makes you happy. However, just a few days later, you find that innovation surprisingly comes to a standstill and you don’t understand how this could happen.
  • ‘Practical guide to implementation of the INNOVATION PROCESS’

    Video course about how to implement the innovation process

    Course ‘Practical guide to implementation of the innovation process’. Here you have a course on video that will show you the keys to implement and manage an innovation process based on the ‘innovation by objectives’ method. It’s very practical and includes exercises that the student can carry out through IbO, so it’s probably the best way to learn to implement an innovation process using IbO as a framework.
  • hardcoverstack-Multiply-Innovation

    Free eBook on innovation by objectives (based on IbO)

    Would you like a commented guide on how to implement an innovation system based on IbO? Then you’ll probably be interested in my eBook. “Multiply Innovation – Implement a highly effective innovation system in 3+2 steps.” I leave you here a quote from the introduction: “What you’ll find in this book is just that, a clear and easy methodology to put into motion an innovation system (to be more specific, an innovation by objectives system).”
  • logo_IbO_tutorials-EN-innovation-scorecard

    IbO tutorials: Innovation Scorecard (video)

    Take a tour through the Innovation Scorecard The Innovation Scorecard provides an overall up-to-date view of three basic aspects of the innovation management: the achievement of real results, the good execution of the innovation process and the human factor. It will be your eyes in the day-to-day management of the innovation and persons, and you […]

I ♥ IbO pro !

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Testimonials about Juan Cano-Arribí

❝ Very few people know and are able to handle innovation correctly. Juan is one of them. He helps us to learn the alphabet and culture of innovations…

Svetlana Abduhakimova (Russia)

Head of Department for Education and Technology Innovations at European Economic Chamber

❝ Aprendí con Juan que la innovación es medible y se puede acelerar usando el proceso adecuado! También lo fácil que puede ser que la gente contribuya a la innovación una vez que tienes la cultura adecuada, la misión y el proceso correcto…

Mamen Perera (Spain)

Media Consultant

❝ All the important steps and critical elements of the innovation process are covered, both from a knowledge point of view and from a process & skill point of view…

Guido Kerkhof (Netherlands)

Founder & Owner at 2ignite Marketing. Serial entrepreneur

❝ Juan has broken innovation into manageable steps with easy-to-track exercises. He makes sure you learn the ideas and carry them forward…

Cyndy Nayer (USA)

CEO/Founder at Center of Health Engagement

❝ The course covers all the relevant concepts required for executing innovation. The flow begins with goal setting and moves through the various steps leading to launch & followup…

Davinder Singh (India)

Innovation Consultant & Research Scholar

❝ His passion for innovation in the knowledge management arena is both broad and deep. His willingness to share his experience and expertise have left me looking forward to working with him again…

Kim Chandler (Australia)

Co-Founder, EVP and Flat World Navigator at KimmiC

❝ Juan is a truly “Strategy and Innovation Management” visionary. I learned a lot from him as regards to innovation management tools and processes…

Rui Patricio (Portugal)

Results Driven Innovation and Procurement Practitioner

❝ I worked closely with Juan in establishing a portfolio of Innovation Services within my Management Consultancy firm and he proved to be a valuable resource…

David Nahinga (Kenya)

Registered Quantity Surveyor, Director/Owner at UjenziBora Investment Limited

❝ Ajuda muito a aprender sobre essa metodologia para dominar o processo de implementação de inovação de forma prática, objetiva e com intensa participação direta…

Roberto Guimaraes (Brazil)

Director na Brasilidea, Centro de Excelência em Criatividade e Inovação